About BlueSunCorp
BlueSun Corp is small friendly Guild.  We started a ways back in WoW as memebers of The StormRage Watch and have continued to meet up and play MMORPGs together thru SWTOR, GW2, and DCUO.  We also dabble in MineCraft and the occaisional Diablo III, StarCraft, and BL2.   We also play D&D 4.0 and Paranoia offline.

Our current focus is Elite: Dangerous, the 4th generation of the game Elite that started in 1984.  

 BlueSun Corp seeks to wield influence across political, social and economic sectors to keep its home system from falling further into the hands of the Achenar Empire.  It will use any means and any allies to stave off the hand of the empire, all the while increasing its own influence and profits.  BSC was recently formed buy 7th generation Kekenk citizen and business mogul Malkovich Vane in reaction to a sudden increase in Imperial intrusions into the Kekenk system by the Birhodiweu Emperor’s Grace on behalf of Seneator Patreus.  Although Vane already wields substantial financial power in the system it is rumored he has reached out to more nefarious groups such as the Kumo Crew to provide the martial support he may require.  The on-going Pegasi Pirate War has placed a strain on the Kekenk system as the Empire, and Patreus in particular, demand more and more resources from the smaller systems for so called “protection”.  There are even , as yet unconfirmed, rumors that Vane has pledged financial support to the Emperor’s Dawn in exchange for their assistance.  

Elite: Dangerous
Cmdr Havalok
Cmdr Aerdus
Cmdr Daggerinthedark
Cmdr Garulf
Cmdr PitchblackX
Cmdr Niko Benson
Cmdr Fruge
Cmdr Le Pigeon (semi_retired)

BlueSun Corp System Status
Kekenk: (Home System)  Influence 68%  Control Station Paola
  • Run missions from BB for BSC
  • Turn in Bounties at Paola
  • Turn in Universal Carto at Paola
  • Avoid Missions for Emperor's Grace
Mong Po: (Expansion System) Influence 25%.  The war wth Mon Po Major ended without a clear winner, so we are ahead in influence but we did not gain a base.
  • Run BB Missions for BSC
Shonessa:(Control sys) Influence 51%.  Success!  We won the War.  We control the system and Herszog Station.

  • Run BB missions for BSC
  • Turn in Bounties and Uni Carto at Herzog

Where there's a whip there's a way!  
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