About BlueSunCorp
BlueSun Corp is small friendly Guild.  We started a ways back in WoW as memebers of The StormRage Watch and have continued to meet up and play MMORPGs together thru SWTOR, GW2, and DCUO.  We also dabble in MineCraft and the occaisional Diablo III, StarCraft, and BL2.  Our main focus these days is the Up and Coming MMORPG  WildStar.  We also play D&D 4.0 and Paranoia offline.

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On DCUO we are:
Heroes: blueSun corp (USPC PvE)
Villians: Omnicidal maniacs (USPC PvE)

On WildStar we are:

Exiles: BlueSunCorp. (PvE focus) Thunderfoot
Dominion: Vulture Squadron (PvP focus) Pago

On WoW we are 
The StormRage Watch: Alli/Earthen Ring 
On Guildwars you can find as: 
Midnight Bombers What Bombs (at midnight!)
on the Stormbluff Isles Server

ON SWTOR we are:
Republic: Damage Inc.
Imperial: BlueSun Corp

Where there's a whip there's a way!  
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