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DISCORD Channels

Get to know our different channels on DISCORD and thier Purpose.



Witchspace Cantina - Stopped at a station and feel like a drink?  Wanna hear the latest  trade route gossip or try to find a lead on a WANTED Suspect?  Stop in at the Witchspace.

Police Scanner - This is where the "Police Force" can communicate and where one can report harassment and ask for help

Pirate Radio - Pirates come here to relax and listen 80s Pop tunes.  Pirates are really into that.

Acquisitions Inc. - Channel dedicated to the Traders and Miners.  Discuss trade routes, commodities, plan events.

OPEN - Flying in open and want to talk on the's a channel for you.

RIM Walkers  - For those intrepid explorers that have left the The Bubble.  

Paladins - Dedicated channel for the Paladins Consortium. Pop in here if you want to discuss an escort, protection, or just want to talk to the Paladins.

BlueSun Corp. - Private channel dedicated to my Player Minor Faction team 

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